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Visiting Milan for the weekend with no agenda. The hours spread out before her with endless possibilities. She could discover a new favorite restaurant. Find the perfect pair of boots. Witness an incredible act of kindness. Or even fall in love.

Wearing her favorite tailored pants and secondhand blouse, paired with the Juliette Heart-Studded Headband, she’s glowing with joy and confidence. Walking along the busy cobblestone streets, her rhinestone-studded accessory sparkles in the light. She looks down at her map to decide which direction to head in, not noticing him approach. He was on his way to grab a drink and confessed that her bright pink headband caught his attention. He asked if she wanted to join him, and I think you know the answer. 

The Headband

  • The Juliette Heart-Studded Headband is made by hand in Michigan. 
  • A thick, luxurious top knot sits center stage.  
  • Designed with vibrant pink and red colors, it’s ready to add an unforgettable element to any look. 
  • It’s crafted with a 55% linen and 45% cotton blend fabric for a soft feel and sturdy quality. 
  • Studded with 14mm heart-shaped acrylic faceted rhinestones that gleam in silver claw settings.
  • The hearts are uniform throughout the headband, sparkling on top and cascading down the sides for a dramatic effect.
  • Below the surface is a 1” comfort-fit headband, finished with a logo-printed faux micro suede.
  • Topped off with two layers of full-weight, double-brushed fleece, this 2.25”-wide padded headband offers maximum loft. 

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