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Expensive fragrance fills the air as she gets ready for a night out. Her vanity table’s lined with elegant glass perfume bottles, creamy high-pigment lipsticks, and vintage fine jewelry. She looks in the mirror and, for a moment, gets lost in a dream. She’s a movie star and tonight is one of many she’ll spend on the red carpet.

Coming out of the dream, she sees herself more clearly. She’s dressed and ready for an anniversary dinner with her husband. Nails painted. Makeup applied. Hair perfectly coiffed. But she feels like something’s missing. Her husband comes in holding a gift. It’s the Margot Floral-Embellished Headband. It’s silky, sparkly, and full of glamour. When she puts it on, her look is complete. Her dream world is her reality, and she’s already got the part. 

The Headband

  • The Margot Floral-Embellished Headband is made by hand in Michigan. 
  • A thick, luxurious top knot sits center stage.  
  • Designed in bright white and shiny gold, it’s ready to add an unforgettable element to any look. 
  • It’s crafted with 100% poly bridal satin fabric for a silky soft feel and sturdy quality. 
  • Ornately decorated with oversized, medium, and petite flower shapes. 
  • The flowers are hand sewn with paillettes and sequins for a completely original look.
  • Below the surface is a 1” comfort-fit headband, finished with a logo-printed faux micro suede.
  • Topped off with two layers of full-weight, double-brushed fleece, this 2.25”-wide padded headband offers maximum loft. 

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