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Crafted for those who believe that a good Bordeaux is a basic human right, that the weight of a book in hand is the true measure of its worth, and that sarcasm is not just wit's defense but its weapon.

The Headband

  • The Esme Colorblock Headband is made by hand in Michigan. 
  • A thick, luxurious top knot sits center stage.  
  • Designed in vibrant color combinations of pink/red and blue/green, it’s ready to add an unforgettable element to any look. 
  • It’s crafted with 100% cotton fabric for a soft feel and sturdy quality. 
  • The colors were hand-selected and sewn together for a completely original look. 
  • Below the surface is a 1” comfort-fit headband, finished with a logo-printed faux micro suede.
  • Topped off with two layers of full-weight, double-brushed fleece, this 2.25”-wide padded headband offers maximum loft. 

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