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The smell of fresh ground coffee beans. The sounds of friends catching up. The feel of warm morning sunshine hitting her neck. She’s sitting in a colorful Maison Midi bistro chair at her go-to Paris café, re-reading Mrs. Dalloway for the third time. She’s wearing a simple, structured dress that fits her just right. Her hair falling in loose, carefree waves below her shoulders. And in her hair, adding bright personality to her look, is the Esme Colorblock Headband.

She glances up from her book to take a sip of her cappuccino and notices him, noticing her. She keeps his gaze a moment too long, feeling confident and brave in her colorful new accessory. Cooly, she turns her attention back to her book and is filled with joy, knowing she’ll remember this small moment forever. 

The Headband

  • The Esme Colorblock Headband is made by hand in Michigan. 
  • A thick, luxurious top knot sits center stage.  
  • Designed in vibrant color combinations of pink/red and blue/green, it’s ready to add an unforgettable element to any look. 
  • It’s crafted with 100% cotton fabric for a soft feel and sturdy quality. 
  • The colors were hand-selected and sewn together for a completely original look. 
  • Below the surface is a 1” comfort-fit headband, finished with a logo-printed faux micro suede.
  • Topped off with two layers of full-weight, double-brushed fleece, this 2.25”-wide padded headband offers maximum loft. 

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