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For the audacious, the irreverent, the eternally optimistic. She who dares to laugh in the face of propriety, to dance in rain puddles wearing haute couture, to proclaim dessert as the main course—and why not? She lives by the wisdom of Mary Oliver, "Joy is not made to be a crumb."

The Headband

  • The Jacqueline Candy Stripe Headband is made by hand in Michigan. 
  • A thick, luxurious top knot sits center stage.  
  • Custom designed in rainbow pinstripes, it’s ready to add joy to any look. 
  • It’s crafted with 100% cotton poplin fabric for a soft feel and sturdy quality. 
  • Below the surface is a 1” comfort-fit headband, finished with a logo-printed faux micro suede.
  • Topped off with two layers of full-weight, double-brushed fleece, this 2.25”-wide padded headband offers maximum loft. 

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